Do You Want The Job of Your Dreams?

You can have it all. No, you really can!

And I did not believe it until I started as a paediatric sleep consultant 4.5 years ago. I have been able to have a career, be my own boss and still be there for my kids and family when they need me most. 

I have not had to miss out on field trips, Christmas concerts and volunteers teas because I have had to be at work. I get to set my own schedule and pick my own hours.

I have ran my own business that continues to grow each year. I have learned so much and have been able to earn a great income. A little spending money for mom never hurts.

I have be so fortunate to be in a profession that really matters. Sleep is a basic need and so many of the families I have worked with have reported that working with me was life changing. I have helped moms out of depression and even helped rescue a few marriages.

And I have never had any formal childcare for my kiddos. I always work around my family, because as we all know, they come first.

I really feel like this a dream job that just doesn’t really exist in the real world. Maybe I am dreaming?

And now you can have this perfect job too. For the first time in Alberta, you can train to become a paediatric sleep consultant. I am offering a 3 day mentorship workshop in Calgary on Nov 6, 7 and 8. Yes, it is a Saturday, Sunday and Monday because I know how hard it can be round up childcare for three consecutive weekdays.

There will only be 8 spots and I will begin taking applicants immediately. The first 3 people to be accepted into the mentorship program will get a free gift from me.

When you leave after the three days you will have all of the tools to set up your own sleep consulting business. Think business in a box. And I will offer you one on one mentorship to help you every step of the way.

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