Are You Addicted To Your Baby Monitor?

Are you addicted to your baby monitor?

I have worked with families that report their baby rolled over at 2 am, at 3:37 am he was awake but did not make a sound and they think he may have sneezed at 5:07am. How do they know this? Because they watch their video monitor throughout the night.

Monitors have a time and a place. If you are in the basement exercising while your baby is napping, it can be a great tool. If you are teaching your child to sleep well, it is great to keep an eye on her. Does she have an arm stuck in the bar? Is there any need for me to intervene or be concerned? But for some people that are so tuned into the monitor, it is disrupting your sleep.

You don’t need to hear every little squeak and squawk that your baby makes through the night. Some babies are very, very noisy sleepers. Every time they squeak and squawk, you are going to wake up and it is going to wreak havoc on your sleep.

If you’ve got a baby who is now successfully sleeping well through the night, I would encourage you to turn it down and start getting the good quality sleep that you deserve as well. Your baby will let you know if they need you!

And if you do not have a baby that is sleeping well, then you know who you can call!

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