About Shan

I have helped thousands of families just like you over the last 8 years.  My mission is ensure all children are getting the sleep they need to be happy, healthy and well rested and all moms are feeling confident and feeling like they are the best mom they can be.

All children are born with the ability to sleep well. Any mom can teach their baby to be a great sleeper.  You are your child’s most important teacher! 

With all the information out there today, it is hard to decipher which guidelines need to be set in order to teach a child to sleep well. That is where I come in.  I do all the research for you and then work together with you implementing a step by step plan to teach your child the necessary skills to sleep well now and for years to come.



My journey to becoming a Paediatric Sleep Consultant…

Before becoming a mom, I was a teacher.  In the children I taught, I saw first hand the importance of a good night sleep.  Well rested children were able to concentrate longer, get along better with others and were happier students. When my first daughter was born, I was not well informed about the sleep habits of newborns.  However, rocking her to sleep for hours just seemed wrong. My husband and I soon implemented our own version of a sleep plan.  After some trial and error we created a successful sleeper.  Our whole family was now sleeping well.  What a difference it made!

When my second daughter arrived, I came across some information on-line from a well known sleep expert,  The philosophy of this program helped me to make sense of all the differing advice and theories I had read, it helped reaffirm we were on the right track.  After some fine tuning, baby #2 was sleeping well.  When my son was born, we started teaching him to sleep well right from the beginning.  I am so grateful that the sleep habits we instilled in them as babies have stayed with my kids as they continue to grow.

Over 8 years ago, I participated in an extensive sleep training program and I love having a career dedicated to teaching families how to make healthy sleep habits a part of their lives.  I love meeting and working with parents and their children and witnessing the transformation that takes place in their health and happiness as we work together. And now as part of the paediatric sleep mentorship program, I get to give others the opportunity to have a career in this groundbreaking industry as well!

I feel so fortunate to have been one of the first sleep consultants in Alberta and have had the privilege of working with thousands of families. As a professional sleep consultant, I am dedicated to helping parents learn the skills to teach their children to become independent, healthy sleepers. I am a mother of three great kids and have always felt passionate about making sleep a priority in my family’s life.  I strongly believe that healthy sleep habits mean happy, healthy and active families.