Introducing "5 Days to a Better Night's Sleep"
A step-by-step online course designed by a Paediatric Sleep Expert that’s helped 1000's of families create a sleep plan that actually works!

"Purchasing 5 Days to a Better Night's Sleep  was the best thing we did for our family,
for our daughter, and for myself."

Hear from other moms about how they went from tired and sleep deprived to consistently getting a good night's rest... in less than a week!

Do any of these sound like you?
You couldn’t wait to welcome your new little one into the world. Now you can barely wait until their next nap.
You’re convinced those sleepless nights are “just a phase” your baby will eventually grow out of
You’ve tried several sleep tricks and techniques, but are starting to think that your baby is “different”
You’re tired of all the conflicting sleep advice, and just want something that works!
You want to be at your best as a mom and wife, but constantly feel the strain of sleepless nights in other areas of your life (marriage, work, self-confidence)
If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then it's time for a different approach!
Getting your child to sleep isn't a matter of waiting until they "outgrow this phase."

Infants are born with the instinct to sleep well
, but they need the guidance of their parents to create consistency and routine. In fact, sometimes the things we think are helping actually get in the way of these instincts.
Get affordable access to teaching and 1:1 support from a Pediatric Sleep Expert
In this online course, Shan walks you step-by-step through her signature sleep system and helps you find a sleep plan that's personalized to fit your baby.
Including topics like...
Sleep schedule
Sleep environment
Bedtime routine
Falling asleep as bedtime
Night wakings
Early mornings
Nap time
Short naps
Steps to success
Plus, answers to your biggest questions on infant sleep training:
How do I minimize the crying as I’m sleep training my baby?
How do I set a bedtime routine that actually gets my baby to sleep and stay asleep?
How many naps should my baby be taking?
Does my baby need a night feed?
What are the basic steps to success when it comes to sleep training my baby?
...and much more!
See results in as little as 2 days.
While some families are reporting noticeable progress within 2 days, the average time babies begin to sleep through the night is 5 nights.
What Other Parents are Saying
“After only one night, we saw a huge change”
After we tried about everything and thought doing “cry it out” approach was too early, I decided that we need external help. I’ve read it all and tried it all.

After only one night, we saw a huge change. Things that I thought would not be possible just yet, changed overnight. We were able to get rid of the soother, stop swaddling and adjust to earlier bedtime, all the things that I thought weren’t that bad and didn’t need adjustments at his age. At the end we were able to just snuggle our baby, put him in his crib and he would fall asleep on his own.

Thank you Shan, from my husband and I, for not only teaching our son to sleep, but also for giving us our sanity back by not dreading every nap and bedtime.

- Julia, Vlad & Lucas
“A life-changing experience for us”
Before, my son (16 month old) was waking up every 45 min-2 hour intervals 6-7 times at night. We tried rocking, bottle-breastfeeding, co-sleeping, taking-turns, scents, baby medicines, herbal remedies, teas etc. Nothing worked.

By the end of our first week with Shan, literally I was in “disbelief” of how my baby could sleep whole night by himself in his crib, in his room.

It has been almost 3 months now. My son sleeps just like the end of our consultation — only better. He knows his routine, reads his books, and says bye-bye before I turn the lights off.

We truly appreciate what you have done for us!

- Mehmet & Odul
“I felt like I had a personal coach in my corner”
We purchased the online sleep course which was the best fit for our budget. I was committed and that very night, did everything exactly how Shan marked it out. The protesting was difficult, but I felt like I had a personal coach in my corner and that I needed to trust the process.

By night 3, the protesting lasted about 1 minute, and now, every night and every nap since then has a little girl who is happy to be put to bed, sleeps through the night, and is happier and cheerier than she ever was when she didn’t sleep well. 

 -Lisa & Pat
"Our exercise ball is now tucked away in the basement"
Just two weeks ago, we couldn’t lay him down for naps, and even if we tried, he would wake up instantly. We bounced him for hours daily, and for night sleeping he would protest for hours while we bounced him to sleep, then would have to make sure he was tightly swaddled. Our exercise ball is now tucked away in the basement!

Thank you so much, Shan. Your detailed schedule and the peace of mind knowing you were there to answer our questions helped greatly with the training. I’m just thankful we have our sleep back and even time to just relax and unwind.

-Cherry & Jess


Hi, I'm Shan Roth. Mom of 3, Pediatric Sleep Expert, and creator of "5 Days to a Better Night's Sleep". 

Over the last 6 years, I've helped over 1,000 busy and tired families make healthy sleep habits a part of their everyday lives — even with the most challenging little ones!

But as a mom of three, I once bought into a big lie that we’re constantly being told:

“You just have to put up with the sleepless nights.”

I understand what it feels like like to constantly overlook your own needs and feelings as you put them on the back burner, but no mom should ever have to experience long term sleep deprivation 

That’s why I’ve taken the same process I walk my high-paying 1-on-1 clients through and put them into an online course that’s affordable and flexible enough to fit into your busy mommy schedule.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re just “getting by”, wondering when the sleepless nights are ever going to end, I can help!
"What's Included in the Course?"
Full access to Shan’s signature sleep system that has been tried and trusted by thousands of  families
60 minutes of video teaching walking you step-by-step through the same techniques Shan uses with her 1:1 clients
20-minute coaching call with Shan to answer any questions or concerns as you implement your custom sleep plan
Fill in the blank sleep plan template that you can customize based on your baby’s age and your family’s schedule
Access to our members only sleep support community
9 downloadable guides
Getting Dad on Board Made Easy
Breast Feeding & Sleep Training Made Easy 
 Night One Made Easy 
Ensuring This Works For Your Baby Made Easy 
Better sleep is within reach!
Sign up and start putting into practice what you learn that same night
$2997 $197
Getting started is easy.
Course materials are all on-demand, which means you can access them immediately after you sign up!
Sign Up - Register and get immediate access to videos, course materials, templates, and sleep support community
Track Your Sleep - Use the step-by-step instructions to track your child’s sleep schedule
Get Support - Get 1:1 coaching and support with one of Canada’s most experienced Pediatric Sleep Experts
Personalize Your Plan - Make necessary changes designed to fit your child’s sleep habits and schedule
What makes 5 Days to a Better Night's Sleep different from other sleep methods?
Consistent & proven results from over 1,000 families!
Based on research (not opinion)
Access to professional support from a sleep expert
Helps you develop a personalized sleep plan (not “one-size-fits-all” approach)
Easy to follow step-by-step instructions & resources
Gradual and natural approaches that align with your parenting style
What is the success rate of the course?

The success rate is 100% for the families who implement the program as I have outlined it. I guarantee that if you implement the plan to a “T” you will see lots of improvement and experience success. A 20 minute support call is included with the course to help answer any questions or make necessary changes. If you have any additional concerns or questions, additional support is available at a very affordable rate. 
Does this course teach the "cry it out" method?

No. I would never ask you to put your infant in the crib and leave them to cry alone with no support from you.

Crying is normal as your child is used to falling asleep a certain way, but 90% of parents report less crying than they expected. You will be there to support your child through this transition.
My husband is skeptical about whether or not this will work. How can I convince him?

Shan has worked with over 1,000 families to help them get their infants and toddlers to sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to the health and wellbeing of the entire family. Having a plan and sleep training your baby can turn an unsupportive partner into an ally, who feels empowered to help.
How does the course work?

The course is a 1-hour pre-recorded video training that comes with a sleep plan template. Shan goes through exactly the same process she uses with in-person clients to design a personalized sleep plan that works for your family and your baby.
How soon can I expect to see results?

You can expect to start seeing results (better sleep) within 2 nights. The average time to sleep through the night is 5 nights, if that’s your goal for your baby.
Will the course work for me if I'm breastfeeding?

Absolutely. This sleep-training course is equally as effective for mother’s who are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding their babies. Shan believes that a good night’s sleep is within reach for all new mothers. For most babies, once sleep is sorted out, breastfeeding becomes easier as well.
Is the program right for me if we are co-sleeping?

If co-sleeping is a habit you’ve fallen into (but want to change), this course can help. If you intend to keep co-sleeping though, the course isn’t the right fit for you.
This course is right for you if...
Your baby is between 10 weeks and 24 months old
You want a budget friendly alternative to hiring an in-person sleep consultant
You want your baby and your entire family to be happy, healthy and well rested
You don’t have much spare time and need a solution that gets you results quickly
This course is NOT for you if...
Your child is 2 or older
Check out my toddler package: TODDLER PACKAGE
You want to keep co-sleeping with your child

If what you’re doing now isn’t working, 
​​​​​​​waiting won’t solve the problem.

A full night’s sleep is possible! But after working with over 1,000 families who had “tried it all”, I can tell you that waiting for it to pass is not the best thing to do for your baby — or the health of your family.

No more late-night Googling for tips and tricks. No more “mom guilt” or feelings of resentment towards your little one. And certainly no more dreading nap or bedtime!
 Get the sleep your family needs while nurturing a strong bond with your baby!
$2997 $197 

Are you wondering if the on-line course is the right solution for you?
Contact Shan with any questions at: 

This Sleep Plan contains general behavioural information only. This Sleep Plan is not medical advice and should not be treated as such. Always discuss your child’s medical care with your personal physician.

This Sleep Plan has been prepared only for personal use with respect to the child referred to in this Sleep Plan.  The Sleep Plan may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration nor may it be resold to or used with respect to any other child.