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Being a mom and getting little sleep is tough. When you want your baby to sleep through the night and they are not, it is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. You might start questioning yourself. Am I a good mom? Am I doing what is best for my baby? Is this the kind of relationship I want with my baby?
Many moms struggle with getting their baby to sleep well. And it is really frustrating and overwhelming to have a baby that is up many times a night. You're not a bad mom and you are not alone.
You just need the right plan, so you can be the confident mom of a great sleeper. I have the plan you need to sleep train your baby. My on-line course, 5 Days To A Better Night's Sleep, teaches you the simple steps so you can teach your baby to sleep through the night and take long naps during the day, so you will feel confident, happy and healthy.

My heart breaks when I see moms continue to struggle with their baby's sleep for months and even years. Because I know it does not have to be this way. And so do thousands of other moms I have worked with over the last 8 years.

I’m Shan and I am here to help you and your baby get some sleep!

I help sleep deprived moms teach their baby to sleep through the night and take long naps during the day, WITHOUT feeling like a bad mom.

Waiting for your baby to sleep through the night does not have to take months or years. You don’t even have to read a lot of books on sleep training, do countless google searches or endure lots of crying.

You are your child's most important teacher. Teaching your baby to sleep great can be quicker and easier than you thought. Let me show you how.


1. Buy The Course

Learn the easy to follow steps and create a customized plan for your baby, all in under 90 minutes.


2. Learn The Secrets

Discover a proven plan to teach your baby to sleep well both day and night.


3. Get Your Baby Sleeping

Eliminate frustration and look forward to putting your baby to bed.

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